Global Leadership Index

The IMD Global Index

The IMD Global Leader Index provides a quick way to compare your professional capabilities with global peers and identify opportunities for future leadership development.

Your Index results are calculated according to your responses to 48 survey questions as well as the professional profile you define, which indicates your global leadership level (i.e., your level of responsibility).

The survey addresses 16 competencies linked to high-performing global businesses*. Your responses to the survey are aggregated to four global leadership capabilities (strategic leadership, execution leadership, stakeholder leadership and personal leadership) and then compared to those of thousands of global executives at your level, who have completed the same survey.

The results are presented as percentile ranks. The values do not indicate how good you are at your job, but rather how you compare to your peers in terms of the four global leadership capabilities. A value of 60, for example, means that your result is the same or higher than 60% of people at your level in the database. You’ll also see your strongest competencies within each of the global leadership capabilities.

Working for: IMD Business School
Role: Motion design, Art direction, Prototyping, UX design, Testing

UX design

I was part of the core team who designed the GLI website.

The site is evolving on a monthly basis based on the feedbacks we received from clients, and based on our own objectives to serve the customer with the more effective and interesting platform possible.


I was part of the core team who developped the design of the global Leader Index platform.
This was a 2 years long project, also linked to the Program Portfolio project revamp.

I worked on the original test platform, which was tested with the help of top companies CLO at the IMD Business School.
We used the result of those tests to enhance and expand the concept to the current platform.

We are still working on improving the concept, taking into account all the feedbacks from our clients.

Motion Design

I was responsible of the Art Direction for the Global Leader Index marketing’s videos. I also created the preview video.

If you are interested in working together, send me an inquiry and I will get back to you as soon as I can!